Chief Almighty
Chief Almighty

Chief Almighty

Travel back in time to the Jurassic era, tribal leadership and guide it to success with Chief Almighty mod apk. 

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Name Chief Almighty
Publisher Phantix Games
Genre Games
Size 130MB
Version 2.3.74
Update Jul 10, 2024
MOD Menu, Speed Multiplayer
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Mod Version 2.3.74
Total installs 10,000,000+
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Chief Almighty is the most famous version in the Chief Almighty series of publisher Phantix Games

Chief Almighty is a strategy game set in the Jurassic era – Stone Age. As the leader of a tribe, you must fight other tribes to stay alive and take over the world. There will be many tasks for you, like getting resources, building bases, training troops, and fighting other tribes for land.

About the game Chief Almighty

Chief Almighty info

Genre: strategy, 4X

Graphics: 3D

Publisher: Phantix Games (Yotta Games)

Platforms: iOS, Android

Launch date: May 8, 2018

Game price: Free-to-play game

Chief Almighty’s highlight features

Tribal building and development 

Gathering resources 

  • Wood, stone, food, and gold are important resources for building and upgrading structures in the tribe.  
  • You can collect them through mining, hunting, farming, or looting from other tribes. 

Base construction 

Arrange and upgrade works such as houses, farms, forges, barracks, city walls, etc. to strengthen the strength and defense of the tribe. 

  • Housing: Build huts to increase the number of people in the tribe. 
  • Forge: A place to manufacture and upgrade weapons and equip the army. 
  • Food storage: Storage and management of resources such as food, wood, stone. 
  • Barracks: Train different types of soldiers, from warriors with axes to archers. 
  • Tower Defense: Defend the territory from attacks from other tribes or monsters.

Technological research and upgrading of works 

  • Unlock new technologies to improve production efficiency, train stronger troops, and expand combat capabilities. 

Military training and command 

  • Recruitment and training: Build barracks and train different types of troops such as infantry, cavalry, archers, magicians, etc. Each type of army has its own advantages and disadvantages, you need to combine them properly to create a powerful formation. 
  • Army Upgrades: Upgrade armies to enhance their strength, defenses, and unlock special skills. 
  • Tactical Deployment: Choose the right squad and use your army’s special skills to win battles.

Hero system

  • Legendary heroes: Chief Almighty features a diverse cast of heroes inspired by famous historical and mythological figures. Each hero has a unique backstory, appearance, and set of skills.  
  • Diverse roles: Heroes can take on various roles in battle, such as offense, defense, support, or control.  
  • Recruitment and upgrade: You can recruit heroes through events, quests, or by purchasing them with in-game currency. Upgrading heroes will enhance their strength, unlock new skills, and improve their combat stats.  
  • Ultimate skills: Each hero possesses an ultimate skill that can turn the tide of battle. Using this skill at the right time can give you a significant advantage.

Pet system

  • Diverse pet species: Chief Almighty offers a variety of pet species, each with unique appearances and skills. You can choose to raise pets such as saber-toothed tigers, mammoths, giant pandas, and more.  
  • Supportive skills: Pets are not only adorable companions but also provide practical benefits. They can increase your army’s movement speed, boost attack and defense power, or provide resources.  
  • Upgrade and evolve: You can upgrade your pets to enhance their strength and unlock new skills. Upon reaching certain levels, pets can evolve into stronger forms with improved appearances and skills.  
  • Using pets in battle: Pets can be deployed alongside your troops in battles to provide necessary support.

Combining pets and heroes  

  • Heroes and pets are both important elements that enhance the overall strength of your army and combat capabilities in Chief Almighty.  
  • The combination of pets and heroes can create unique and powerful strategies.  
  • You can choose pets and heroes with complementary skills to optimize combat effectiveness. For example, an offensive hero would pair well with a pet that boosts attack power.  

Helpful Tips for Heroes and Pets

  • Learn about each pet and hero: Carefully read the information about the skills, stats, and roles of each pet and hero to make informed choices and use them effectively. 
  • Recruit, upgrade, and equip heroes and pets strategically to gain a tactical advantage and win battles. 
  • Upgrade and evolve: Invest resources to upgrade and evolve your pets and heroes to enhance their strength. 
  • Combine wisely: Find the optimal combinations of pets and heroes to create the strongest lineup. Special skills of heroes and pets should be used at the right time and in the right way to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Alliances and collaborations 

Join the alliance 

  • Create and join alliances: Cooperate with other players to grow and fight together. 
  • Alliance Wars: Engage in alliance wars to gain control of valuable lands and resources. 

Alliance Events Alliance 

  • Activities: Participate in special alliance-specific activities and missions. 
  • Alliance Rewards: Receive rewards from events and missions completed in the alliance.

Discovery and adventure 

Discover new lands 

  • Expedition: Send troops to explore new lands, searching for hidden resources and treasures. 
  • Face the Challenge: Fight monsters, mysterious creatures, and hostile tribes on your way to discovery. 

Missions and Events 

  • Daily Quests and Special Events: Participate in quests and events to earn rewards and valuable resources. 
  • Story and Adventure: Follow the captivating story and engage in challenging adventures.

Download Chief Almighty mod apk free for Android

Return to the Jurassic Stone Age, take a walk with dinosaurs and mythical beasts that you can only find in books, build an empire and become the ruler of the world with Chief Almighty.

  • Menu Mod
  • Battle Speed Multiplayer

Download (130MB)

All Versions

Construction Simulator 4
Construction Simulator 4 1.22.1075 MOD
July 13, 2024

What's Mod:

Full Game, Unlimited Money
Chief Almighty
Chief Almighty 2.3.74 MOD
July 10, 2024 130MB

What's Mod:

Menu, Speed Multiplayer

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