EMERGENCY HQ: Rescue Strategy
EMERGENCY HQ: Rescue Strategy

EMERGENCY HQ: Rescue Strategy

In the world emergency rescue simulation game EMERGENCY HQ mod apk, you will become the commander of the rescue team, responsible for managing and coordinating rescue activities...

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Name EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy
Publisher Promotion Software GmbH
Genre Games
Size 1GB
Version 1.9.09
Update June 27, 2024
MOD Menu, Speed
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Mod Version 1.9.09
Total installs 10,000,000+
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EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy is the most famous version in the EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy series of publisher Promotion Software GmbH

EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy is a real-time strategy simulation game where you will become a rescue team manager, commanding many forces to deal with various emergency situations such as fires and accidents. traffic, natural disasters, terrorist attacks,…

About the game EMERGENCY HQ


Genre: simulation, management 

Graphics: 3D

Publisher: Promotion Software GmbH

Platforms: iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch

Launch date: Jan 4, 2018

Game price: Free-to-play game


  • In each mission, you will be given specific objectives, for example, extinguishing a large fire in a residential area or saving victims from a car accident.
  • You need to arrange rescue units properly, ensuring that each team carries out its duties properly.
  • Speed ​​and accuracy in decision making are vital to achieving the best results.

Highlight Features

Diverse tasks

  • Realistic emergency situations: You will face many types of emergency situations such as fires, rescuing trapped people, traffic accidents, natural disasters, crime and terrorist attacks.
  • Story-based missions: The game provides a series of missions linked together according to the plot, helping you feel the development and complexity of rescue work.
  • Special events: There are often special events, with many unique missions and opportunities to receive attractive rewards.

Command multiple rescue forces

  • Firefighters: Fight fires, save people from burning buildings, and deal with explosions.
  • Police: Maintain order, arrest criminals, handle traffic accidents and investigate crime scenes.
  • Medical staff: First aid victims at the scene, transport to hospital and treat injuries.
  • Technical team: Repair damaged buildings, clean up debris, and assist other forces in emergency situations.

Responding to emergency situations

  • Team coordination: Create effective coordination between rescue units to complete tasks safely and effectively.
  • Strategic decision-making: Select the right units, plan the approach, and direct the actions of each unit to effectively resolve the situation.
  • Time management: React quickly and make timely decisions to minimize damage and save as many lives as possible.

Headquarters construction and management

  • Expansion and Upgrades: Start with a small headquarters and gradually expand to accommodate more units and upgrade existing buildings to increase operational efficiency.
  • Resource Management: Collecting and allocating resources such as money, manpower, and equipment to keep the headquarters and units running.
  • Technology Research: Invest in research to unlock new technologies, enhance the capabilities of units and equipment.

Rescue Team Management and Upgrades

  • Recruit and train employees: Recruit firefighters, paramedics, police, and other professionals,… Each profession has its own unique skills and tasks.
  • Resource Management: Allocate resources appropriately to ensure that each rescue team has the necessary personnel and equipment to carry out the mission.
  • Equipment and vehicles: Procurement and upgrading of rescue equipment and vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances, and police vehicles to enhance response.
  • Infrastructure upgrades: Improve the infrastructure of the headquarters, including training centers, hospitals, fire stations, and other facilities to improve operational efficiency.

Diverse game modes

  • Campaign Mode: Follow the main story of the game through campaign missions, you will gradually unlock new features and rescue units.
  • Daily Challenges and Weekly Events: Take part in special challenges and events to test your skills and earn valuable rewards.
  • PvP Mode: Compete against other players in PvP game modes to prove your management and strategic skills.

Tips and tricks to play EMERGENCY HQ effectively

Understanding rescue units

  • Firefighters: Specialize in extinguishing fires and rescuing trapped individuals. Make sure you always have enough firefighters when facing large fires.
  • Paramedics: Provide medical care and first aid to injured victims. They are very important in rescue missions.
  • Police: Maintain security and handle attacks. They can also help control crowds and direct traffic.
  • Technicians: Repair and maintain equipment. They are necessary when dealing with technical issues.

Emergency mission tactics

  • Assess the situation: Upon starting a mission, carefully examine the situation and formulate a plan of action.
  • Choose the right units: Send the appropriate type of unit to the scene to resolve the issue quickly and effectively. For example, send firefighters to a fire scene and police to a traffic accident scene.
  • Coordinate well between units: Ensure that rescue units cooperate effectively. For instance, firefighters extinguish the fire before paramedics enter to rescue people.
  • Use the “divide and conquer” tactic: Send small teams to handle smaller tasks first, then concentrate forces on larger tasks.
  • Keep track of time: Time is a critical factor in emergencies. Try to complete the mission as quickly as possible to minimize damage.

Participate in events and challenges

  • Complete daily challenges: Daily challenges offer valuable rewards, helping you upgrade your team faster.
  • Participate in special events: Special events often have unique missions and big rewards. Actively participate to reap the benefits.

Build a long-term strategy

  • Plan upgrades over time: Don’t focus too much on one type of upgrade while neglecting other aspects. Plan regular upgrades for all units and infrastructure.
  • Develop a versatile team: Ensure that your team is capable of handling all kinds of emergencies. Versatility will help you adapt to different challenges.

Use PvP to learn

  • Participate in PvP mode: PvP mode not only allows you to compete with other players but also provides an opportunity to learn from their tactics.
  • Analyze opponents’ tactics: Observe and learn from better players. This will help you improve your skills and strategies.

Download EMERGENCY HQ mod apk free for Android

I’ve watched a lot of rescue-themed movies, but the most impressive ones were probably the TVB and German rescue series I watched as a kid. It was quite a coincidence when I discovered this rescue simulation game – EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy, which is also German. Memories came flooding back and I stopped watching Douluo Dalu to immediately try out this rescue game.

  • Menu
  • Speed

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Construction Simulator 4
Construction Simulator 4 1.22.1075 MOD
July 13, 2024

What's Mod:

Full Game, Unlimited Money
EMERGENCY HQ: Rescue Strategy
EMERGENCY HQ: Rescue Strategy 1.9.09 MOD
July 10, 2024 1GB

What's Mod:

Menu, Speed

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