Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Explores the world of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas / GTA San Andreas, one of the most popular open-world adventure game series of all time.

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Name Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Action
Size 2.4GB
Version 2.11.229
Update Jul 7, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money
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Mod Version 2.11.229
Total installs 5.000.000+
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the most famous version in the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas series of publisher Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas / GTA San Andreas is a title in the Grand Theft Auto series, one of the most popular open-world adventure game series of all time. Developed by Rockstar North and released in 2004 by Rockstar Games, it is the third game in the series to feature 3D graphics, the fifth game released on handheld consoles, and the seventh installment in the main series.

About the game GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas info

Genre: action, adventure, open world

Graphics: 3D

Publisher: Rockstar Games

Platforms: Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, macOS, FireOS

Android Release Date: December 19, 2013

Game Price: Paid Game

Story – Setting

  • Setting: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas / GTA San Andreas takes place in the early 1990s in the fictional state of San Andreas, which includes three major cities: Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas.
  • Main Character: Players take on the role of Carl “CJ” Johnson, a man who returns to his hometown of Los Santos after 5 years away to attend his mother’s funeral. He quickly gets caught up in a whirlwind of gangs, crime, and corruption. CJ must fight to protect his family, regain control of the streets, and rebuild his old gang.
  • Missions: Players must complete various missions to progress through the storyline, including criminal activities, combat, and vehicle operation.

Highlight features of GTA San Andreas:

  • Vast open world: Explore the three major cities of San Andreas: Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas, each with its own unique characteristics. Roam freely through the cities, engaging in various activities from racing and swimming to bodybuilding.
  • Diverse missions: Take on storyline missions to advance the plot or complete side missions to earn money and upgrade skills.
  • Character customization: Change CJ’s appearance by purchasing clothes, hairstyles, and tattoos.
  • Wide Variety of Vehicles: Drive cars, motorcycles, trucks, airplanes, and even tanks.
  • Soundtrack: Featuring diverse radio stations and popular songs. The music in GTA SA is a crucial part of the experience.

What’s different in the mobile version?

  • Full content: All content from the original version is included, including main and side missions, mini-games, and other leisure activities.
  • Customizable controls: The touch control interface is optimized for mobile devices, including customizable control buttons and support for gamepad controllers.
  • Enhanced graphics: The mobile version features improved graphics with higher resolution and more detailed character models and environments.
  • Cloud saves: Supports cloud saves via Rockstar Social Club, allowing players to easily transfer their progress between devices.

System requirements

  • Android: Requires Android 9.0 or higher and at least 2.5 GB of free storage.
  • iOS: Requires iOS 8.0 or higher and is compatible with devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

GTA San Andreas Beginner’s Guide

Getting familiar with the controls

  • Movement: Use the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen to move your character.
  • Actions: The virtual buttons on the right side are used for running, jumping, shooting, attacking, and interacting with the environment.
  • Driving: When you enter a vehicle, the controls will change to accommodate driving. The controls are located at the bottom of the screen. Use the left and right buttons to steer, and the top button to accelerate or brake.
  • Camera: Swipe on the screen to rotate the camera.

Understand the story and complete missions

  • Main missions: Start with the main missions to progress through the storyline. You will receive missions from various NPCs (non-playable characters). Follow the main missions to unlock new content and develop the plot.
  • Side missions: Participate in side missions to earn money and upgrade your skills. This also helps you better understand the open world of the game.

Explore the World

  • Cities: San Andreas has three major cities: Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. Each city has its own unique districts, activities, and characters. Take the time to explore each area.
  • Vehicles: Experiment with different types of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, airplanes, and even tanks.
  • Activities: Participate in mini-games like racing, basketball, chess, shooting, and golf for entertainment and extra income.

Manage Resources

  • Money: Earn money by completing missions, participating in side activities, or engaging in petty crimes like robbing stores.
  • Weapons: Purchase weapons from stores or collect them from defeated enemies. Make sure you have enough ammunition.
  • Health: Eat and exercise to maintain CJ’s health and physique. You can buy food from fast food joints or restaurants.

Interact with the Environment

  • Vehicles: You can steal or buy vehicles. Use vehicles to move quickly around the city.
  • Houses: Buy houses to save your game and store your progress. Each house also provides a safe place to escape from the police.
  • Other players: Interact with NPCs to get information and missions. Some NPCs can become allies in difficult missions.

Avoiding and dealing with the police

  • Avoiding trouble: Avoid causing trouble to stay off the police’s radar. If you cause trouble, your wanted level will increase.
  • Lowering wanted level: Look for star icons or visit Pay ‘n’ Spray shops to decrease your wanted level. When being chased, try to escape and hide.

Upgrading your character – Improving skills

  • Health: Eat well and exercise to improve CJ’s health.
  • Physical fitness: Work out at the gym, run, cycle, swim, etc., to increase CJ’s strength and endurance.
  • Driving: Practice driving regularly to improve your handling and speed skills.
  • Shooting: Participate in training sessions at the shooting range to enhance your shooting skills.

Tips and tricks for playing GTA SA Effectively

Advice for beginners

  • Eat regularly: Make sure CJ eats to maintain his health. Avoid eating too much fast food to prevent obesity.
  • Use body armor: Always carry body armor to protect yourself in confrontations.
  • Start with easy missions: To get familiar with the controls and game mechanics, start with easier missions.
  • Explore the city: Take time to explore the city and familiarize yourself with the different areas.
  • Vehicles: Use different types of vehicles depending on the mission. Motorcycles are often faster and easier to maneuver, while cars can carry more people.
  • Utilize special vehicles: Certain special vehicles like tanks, jets, and helicopters can help you complete missions more easily.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment: San Andreas allows you to do whatever you want, so experiment and discover new things.

Earning Money Quickly and Efficiently

  • Complete missions: Both main and side missions offer significant cash rewards.
  • Side hustles: Engage in side missions like firefighting, taxi driving, and vigilante missions for extra income.
  • Racing: Participate in races to earn prize money and unlock new vehicles.
  • Gambling: Try your luck at casinos or horse races for quick cash, but remember to gamble responsibly.
  • Real estate investment: Purchase properties like houses, garages, and businesses to generate passive income.
  • Pull a Money Heist: Rob stores and banks for a quick influx of cash. However, be cautious of the wanted level.

Upgrading your skills

  • Gym training: Enhance your strength and stamina by working out regularly at the gym.
  • Learn martial arts: Take martial arts classes at the gym to unlock new combat moves and improve your fighting abilities, especially when unarmed.
  • Practice shooting: Regularly practice at the shooting range to improve your accuracy and weapon handling.
  • Safe driving: Practice driving to improve your skills and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Aircraft and Helicopters: Learn to fly airplanes and helicopters for quick travel between cities.

Exploring the Open World

  • Find hidden items: Explore every nook and cranny to find hidden items like oysters, graffiti tags, and secret packages.
  • Perform stunts: Challenge yourself by performing stunts in the air and underwater.
  • Participate in side activities: Don’t miss out on side activities like skydiving, bicycle racing, or playing golf.

Managing Your Wanted Level

  • Reduce wanted level: Find wanted level reduction stars or visit Pay ‘n’ Spray shops to lower the police’s attention.
  • Escape: When being chased, find ways to escape through narrow alleys or hide in hard-to-reach areas.

Other Useful Tips

  • Drive carefully: Avoid causing accidents and attracting police attention.
  • Use the map: The map will help you navigate and find your way to different locations. Use the map to discover new places and find useful items. Mark important locations on the map for easy return when needed.
  • Save frequently: To avoid losing progress, remember to save your game regularly, especially before attempting difficult missions. Save your progress frequently at the houses you own to prevent data loss and easily return when needed.
  • Play your way: San Andreas is a vast open world, so feel free to explore and experience the game in your own way.
  • Use cheat codes (Optional): If you want a more relaxed gaming experience, you can use cheat codes to get money, weapons, vehicles, or invincibility. However, using cheats may affect your game progress.

Discovering and Using Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes: Use cheat codes to enhance your experience and overcome difficult missions. However, limit the use of cheats to avoid diminishing the game’s challenge.

  • HESOYAM: Full health, armor, and $250,000.
  • AEZAKMI: Disable wanted level.
  • ROCKETMAN: Equip a jetpack.

Download Grand Theft Auto San Andreas / GTA San Andreas mod apk free for Android

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas / GTA San Andreas is a name that almost everyone has heard of if they have been involved in the gaming world for a long time. There’s no need to say too much about the greatness of the game, just experience the GTA series yourself and you’ll understand why it has always been among the top downloaded games with huge revenue in the history of the gaming industry for decades. 

Unlimited Money

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Construction Simulator 4
Construction Simulator 4 1.22.1075 MOD
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Full Game, Unlimited Money
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2.11.229 MOD
July 10, 2024 2.4GB

What's Mod:

Unlimited Money

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