Whiteout Survival
Whiteout Survival

Whiteout Survival

Lead humanity through a harsh ice age, rebuild civilization from the ashes in Whiteout Survival mod, the ultimate mobile strategy survival game!

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Name Whiteout Survival
Publisher Century Games Pte. Ltd.
Genre Games
Size 600MB
Version 1.17.3
Update May 15, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money/Gems
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Mod Version 1.17.3
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Whiteout Survival is the most famous version in the Whiteout Survival series of publisher Century Games Pte. Ltd.

Whiteout Survival is a challenging strategy survival game where you must lead humanity through a harsh ice age. Build your base, gather resources, research technologies, and fight for survival in a frozen world.

Whiteout Survival – The Fight for Survival in the Harsh Ice Age

Whiteout Survival is a strategic survival game set in a post-apocalyptic ice age. Your mission is to lead the last survivors of humanity to rebuild civilization in the harsh conditions of the ice age. The game offers many attractive features and details for you to explore.

Storyline of Whiteout Survival:

  • The drastic drop in global temperatures has devastated human society. Now, in this ice age, the most advanced technologies are the key to dominating the world.
  • You will play the role of a leader, guiding your people to build shelters, gather resources, research technologies, and fight against hostile forces to survive and thrive.

Main Features:

Base Building and Management:

  • Design: Freely arrange buildings, from housing and production facilities to research centers and defenses.
  • Upgrade: Improve buildings to increase productivity, capacity, and defense capabilities.
  • Resource Management: Maintain a balance between production, consumption, and storage of various resources.

Resource Gathering:

  • Gathering: Collect wood, stone, food, and other rare materials from the surrounding environment.
  • Hunting: Hunt wild animals for meat and special materials.
  • Trading: Exchange resources with other players or at the black market.

Technology Research:

  • Development: Research new technologies to improve production, combat, and defense capabilities.
  • Unlock: Unlock new buildings, military units, and heroes.
  • Upgrade: Upgrade existing technologies to increase efficiency.

Hero Recruitment and Training:

  • Recruitment: Search and recruit talented heroes with special skills and abilities.
  • Training: Upgrade and equip heroes to enhance their strength.
  • Leadership: Assign tasks and command heroes in battles.

Alliance Participation:

  • Connect: Search for and join an alliance to receive support and cooperate with other players.
  • War: Participate in alliance wars to compete for territory and resources.
  • Diplomacy: Establish diplomatic relations with other alliances.

Game Modes:

Story Mode (PvE):

  • Missions: Complete story missions to unlock new content and earn rewards.
  • Exploration: Explore the frozen world, search for resources, and battle dangerous creatures.
  • Events: Participate in special events to receive valuable rewards.

Arena Mode (PvP):

  • Ranking: Fight against other players to climb the leaderboard and earn rewards.
  • Tournament: Participate in tournaments to compete against the best players and win glory.

Alliance War Mode:

  • Territory Conquest: Fight against other alliances to occupy important territories.
  • Base Defense: Defend your alliance’s base to achieve common goals.

With a variety of features and game modes, Whiteout Survival will bring you hours of intense and challenging entertainment in the fight for survival amidst the ice age.

Whiteout Survival Guide for Beginners

Getting Started:

  • Follow the tutorial: Complete the initial tutorial missions to learn the basic mechanics of the game and earn helpful rewards.
  • Build your base: Start by constructing essential buildings such as Tents (increase population), Kitchens (produce food), and Lumber/Stone Mills (gather resources). Upgrade them regularly to increase efficiency.
  • Gather resources: Send your people to gather wood, stone, food, and other materials from the area around your base.


  • Research technology: Invest in researching technologies to unlock new buildings, military units, and heroes. Prioritize technologies that help increase production and resource gathering speed.
  • Recruit heroes: Recruit heroes to lead your army and support other activities in your base. Upgrade and equip them to enhance their strength.
  • Join an alliance: Find and join an alliance to receive support and protection from other players.


  • Train your army: Train different types of military units to defend your base and attack enemies.
  • Participate in battles: Participate in PvE and PvP battles to earn resources and experience.
  • Use tactics: Choose the right formation and tactics for each type of enemy.

Some useful tips for beginners:

  • Complete missions: Complete daily missions, main storyline missions, and event missions to receive valuable rewards.
  • Participate in events: Don’t miss special events to get additional resources, items, and rare heroes.
  • Use support items: Use support items such as speedups for construction, troop training, or resource production to save time.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Whiteout Survival

Base Development:

  • Prioritize construction: Focus on building and upgrading resource production buildings (Lumber Mill, Quarry, Farm) and housing (Tent, Wooden House, Apartment) to ensure a stable supply and increase population.
  • Efficient layout: Arrange buildings scientifically to optimize space and minimize travel time for residents.
  • Take advantage of events: Participate in in-game events to get additional resources and valuable items, accelerating the base development process.

Resource Management:

  • Reasonable allocation: Ensure a balance between resource production, consumption, and storage. Avoid shortages or surpluses that lead to waste.
  • Upgrade storage: Upgrade storage to increase capacity and avoid overflowing storage, which reduces production efficiency.
  • External resource gathering: Send troops to gather resources from areas outside the base to supplement the supply.

Combat and Defense:

  • Train your army: Invest in training a variety of troop types (infantry, archers, cavalry) to counter different types of enemies.
  • Upgrade walls: Build and upgrade walls, watchtowers, and other defensive structures to protect your base from attacks.
  • Join an alliance: Join a strong alliance to receive support and protection in wars.
  • Attack weaker enemies: Focus on attacking weaker players or bases to earn resources and experience easily.

Hero Recruitment and Development:

  • Recruit powerful heroes: Use recruitment items to have a chance of getting powerful heroes with special skills.
  • Upgrade heroes: Upgrade the level, skills, and equipment of heroes to enhance their combat power.
  • Combine heroes: Learn and combine heroes with complementary skills to create a strong team.

Whiteout Survival FAQs

About Gameplay:

Q: How can I speed up the development of my base?

A: Focus on upgrading resource production buildings, completing missions, and participating in events to earn rewards.

Q: What’s the best way to recruit powerful heroes?

A: Use high-level recruitment items, participate in special events, or purchase premium packs in the store.

Q: How can I win PvP battles?

A: Build a strong team of heroes, upgrade your troops, and use tactics appropriate for each opponent.

Q: As a new player, which alliance should I join in Whiteout Survival?

A: Look for active alliances with many strong members and a play style that suits you.

About Resources:

Q: How can I get more wood and food quickly?

A: Upgrade your lumber mill and farm, send troops to gather resources outside the base, and participate in harvesting events.

Q: What is the best way to use diamonds in Whiteout Survival?

A: You should prioritize purchasing hero recruitment items and speeding up technology research.

Download Whiteout Survival mod apk free for Android

Do you have the strength and wisdom to lead humanity through this harsh challenge? Join Whiteout Survival today and discover the answer for yourself, dear!

Unlimited Money/Gems


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Whiteout Survival (Unlimited Money/Gems)

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Whiteout Survival
Whiteout Survival 1.17.3 MOD
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What's Mod:

Unlimited Money/Gems

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