Wildfrost - a tactical roguelike deckbuilder set in an eternal winter about the survival of humans in a frozen world was released for iOS and Android in April 2024.

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Wildfrost is the most famous version in the Wildfrost series of publisher Chucklefish Limited

Embark on a thrilling roguelike card game adventure in Wildfrost, a unique RPG where you’ll battle fierce enemies, uncover hidden secrets, and unravel the mysteries of a frozen realm. Engage in challenging battles against formidable foes, uncover hidden areas, gather precious items, and piece together the secrets of the Wildfrost world.

About the game Wildfrost

What is Wildfrost? 

Wildfrost is a fresh roguelike* strategy card game crafted by Deadpan Games and Gaziter. Launched in April 2023 for PC and Nintendo Switch, it’s hitting iOS and Android in April 2024. As a valiant warrior, you’ll traverse the icy realm, gather powerful cards to forge an invincible deck, engage in fierce battles, and protect your village.

* Roguelike games are a captivating subgenre of RPGs, Role-Playing Games, that offer a unique and thrilling gaming experience. These games are characterized by their randomly generated maps, ensuring a fresh and unpredictable adventure each time you play. Additionally, the permadeath mechanic adds a layer of intensity and stakes, where your character’s demise sends you back to the starting point, challenging you to overcome the odds with each new attempt.

Wildfrost’s Plot Story

A cataclysmic event has cast the world into an eternal winter, the sun freezes, plunging it into darkness and unrelenting cold. Heavy snowfalls and piercing cold force humanity to struggle for survival. Snowdwell Village, a beacon of hope amidst the desolation, stands protected by a fading magical shield. 

As one of the remaining heroes, you must embark on a perilous quest into the frozen expanse, seeking a new energy source to replenish the shield’s waning power and safeguard the village from the relentless Blight, a monstrous horde that seeks to eradicate all life.

Wildfrost chronicles the epic saga of the Snowdwell warriors as they battle the Blight and fight for humanity’s survival. Your journey will lead you to encounter captivating NPCs, unveil the world’s hidden mysteries, and make critical decisions that will determine the fate of Snowdwell and the fate of humanity.

Wildfrost’s terms 

  • Blight: Twisted creatures of darkness corrupted by the relentless cold and despair, the Blight relentlessly assault Snowdwell and other regions, threatening humanity’s very existence. 
  • The Ancients: An enigmatic civilization that thrived before the sun’s catastrophic freezing. Legends whisper of their immense knowledge and power, potentially holding the key to combating the Blight.
  • The Runes: Magical stones imbued with arcane might. Players can gather and utilize Runes to empower themselves and their allies.
  • The Everlasting Winter: A perplexing phenomenon that has frozen the sun and plunged the world into an eternal winter. The cause of the Everlasting Winter remains shrouded in mystery, serving as a central plot element in the game.
  • Mana: The essential resource required to play cards and perform actions in Wildfrost. Mana cost is displayed in the top right corner of each card, representing the amount of mana needed to cast it.
  • x: The symbol denoting the mana cost to play a card. The “Snipe” card has a mana cost of 4x, meaning you require 4 mana to use it.
  • Cards: The fundamental units in Wildfrost, representing actions, attacks, defenses, supports, and special effects you can employ in battle. Each card has a mana cost, power, effect, and card type (attack, defense, support, special). You can construct a deck of 30 cards before each gameplay session.

Card Types:

  • Attack Cards: Deal damage to enemies.
  • Defense Cards: Reduce incoming damage.
  • Support Cards: Provide beneficial effects to yourself, allies, or enemies.
  • Special Cards: Unleash powerful effects that can sway the tide of battle.

Wildfrost Guideline

Wildfrost’s beginner guide and what to do first

  1. Begin Your Journey:

Choose Your Hero: Select one of four unique characters, each with distinct abilities and playstyles.

Build Your Starter Deck: You’ll be provided with a basic deck of cards to start your adventure.

Explore the Frozen Realm: Embark on a journey through the icy world, battling enemies and completing quests.

  1. Mastering Gameplay:

Understanding Turns: Each turn consists of two phases: the Action Phase and the End Phase.

Action Phase: Utilize energy to perform actions like moving, attacking, defending, using skills, and playing cards.

Card Usage: Unleash the power of cards to enhance your attacks, defense, heal, or trigger special effects.

End Phase: Enemies take their actions.

Discard and Draw: Discard used cards and draw new ones from your deck.

Proceed to the Next Turn: Prepare for the next round of strategic gameplay.

  1. Unleash Tactical Combat:

Turn-Based Battles: Engage in strategic turn-based combat, where each side attacks and defends in sequence.

Attack Cards: Utilize attack cards to inflict damage upon your enemies.

Defense Cards: Employ defense cards to mitigate incoming damage.

Support Cards: Leverage support cards to empower yourself, your allies, or hinder your foes.

Special Cards: Unleash the power of special cards to trigger game-changing effects.

  1. Explore the Frozen Realm:

Diverse Regions: Embark on a journey through Wildfrost’s diverse regions, each with unique terrains, enemies, and events.

Uncover Treasures: Uncover hidden treasures, resources, and valuable information as you explore.

Quest Conquests: Complete quests to earn rewards and progress through the game’s narrative.

NPC Interactions: Engage with NPCs to receive quests, advice, or engage in trade.

  1. Permadeath and Progression:

Consequences of Defeat: If you fall in battle, you’ll lose progress within the current area and must restart from the beginning.

Retained Experience and Resources: However, you’ll retain a portion of the experience and resources gained from previous playthroughs.

Character Upgrades: Utilize experience to level up your character and unlock new cards.

Resource Management: Employ resources to purchase items or craft powerful equipment.

  1. Embark on an Epic Quest:

Ultimate Objective: The ultimate goal in Wildfrost is to vanquish The Ancients, the formidable beings responsible for the Blight.

Path to Victory: To achieve this objective, you must explore the world, gather power, and construct a formidable deck.

Trials and Triumphs: Along your journey, you’ll face numerous challenges and perils, but you’ll also have the opportunity to uncover the world’s secrets and save humanity from the Blight’s grasp.

How to build the most effective deck

  1. Select Your Hero:

Each character in Wildfrost possesses unique skills and playstyles. Choosing the right hero will influence the construction of your initial deck.

  • Anya: Anya is an offensive hero with high damage output. Focus on incorporating powerful attack cards and healing cards to maintain her combat prowess.
  • Grimnir: Grimnir is a defensive hero with exceptional durability. Prioritize defensive cards and support cards to enhance his protective capabilities and support his allies.
  • Sigrid: Sigrid is a mage hero capable of wielding powerful spells. Focus on incorporating offensive, defensive, and support spell cards to create a diverse range of effects.
  • Valeria: Valeria is a marksman hero adept at ranged attacks. Prioritize ranged attack cards and support cards to enhance her mobility and positioning.
  1. Construct Your Deck:

Your initial deck consists of 30 cards. It’s recommended to construct your deck with the following ratios:

  • Attack Cards: 12-16 cards
  • Defense Cards: 6-8 cards
  • Support Cards: 4-6 cards
  • Special Cards: 2-4 cards
  1. Choosing Your Cards:
  • When selecting cards, consider these crucial factors:
  • Power: Cards with higher power inflict greater damage or provide stronger defense.
  • Effects: Certain cards possess unique effects that can grant you an advantage in battle.
  • Synergy: Choose cards that complement each other to create powerful combo effects.
  • Mana Cost: Each card has a mana cost. Ensure you have sufficient mana to utilize your essential cards.
  1. Pro Tips:
  • Include Healing Cards: Incorporate healing cards to maintain your combat effectiveness.
  • Incorporate Movement Cards: Include movement cards to enhance your mobility and positioning.
  • Utilize Removal Cards: Use removal cards to eliminate unwanted cards from your deck.
  • Experiment with Card Combinations: Experiment with different card combinations to discover the deckbuilding strategy that suits your playstyle best.

Mastering Boss Battles

  1. Know Your Enemy:
  • Each boss in Wildfrost boasts unique abilities, strengths, and vulnerabilities. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the boss’s mechanics before engaging them, including their attacks, defenses, and special effects.
  • Boss Understanding: By comprehending the boss’s behavior, you can formulate effective strategies and prepare the necessary cards to overcome them.
  1. Craft a Boss-Defeating Deck:
  • Tailor your deck to exploit the boss’s weaknesses and mitigate their strengths, depending on the boss you encounter.
  • Strategic Deckbuilding: For example, if a boss has high defense, focus on cards that deal direct damage or pierce armor. If a boss possesses powerful attacks, prioritize defensive and healing cards.
  • Support Cards: Incorporate support cards that can neutralize the boss’s special effects.
  1. Harness the Power of Items:
  • In Wildfrost, certain items can provide you with advantageous effects that can aid in defeating bosses.
  • Strategic Item Usage: Before engaging a boss, consider using items that enhance your attack power, defense, or healing capabilities.
  • Counter Boss Effects: Utilize items to nullify the boss’s special effects or gain an edge during the battle.
  1. Patience and Mana Management:

Conquering bosses often requires patience and effective mana management.

  • Strategic Card Usage: Avoid using all your strongest cards immediately. Instead, employ them strategically at opportune moments.
  • Prioritize Smart Attacks: Choose your attack targets wisely, focusing on damaging the boss while protecting yourself from their attacks.
  • Utilize Healing Cards: Use healing cards when necessary to maintain your health.
  1. Learn from Failure and Adapt:
  • Defeat is inevitable when facing bosses. Learn from your mistakes and adjust your strategies for subsequent attempts.
  • Experiment with Decks: Try different deck combinations and utilize various items to discover the most effective boss-defeating strategy.

** Tips from APKSTATION: 

Boss Attacks:

  • Defensive Tactics: Employ defensive cards and healing cards to shield yourself from the boss’s formidable attacks.
  • Strike Back When the Time is Right: Look for opportunities to strike back when the boss exposes a weakness.

Boss Defense:

  • Pierce Through Defenses: Utilize cards that deal direct damage or pierce armor to break down the boss’s defenses.
  • Patience and Perseverance: Remain patient and continue attacking until the boss succumbs.

Boss Support:

  • Counter Support Abilities: Use support cards to neutralize the boss’s special abilities and gain a tactical advantage in battle.
  • Focus Attacks on Weaknesses: Prioritize attacking the boss when they are weakened.

Uncover Hidden Treasures: A Guide for Beginners

Hidden items in Wildfrost can grant you various advantages, including enhanced strength, defense, mana, and powerful special effects. However, finding these items can be challenging as they are often concealed in secret locations. Here are some helpful tips to aid your search for hidden treasures in Wildfrost:

  1. Explore Every Nook and Cranny:

Hidden items can be found anywhere in the world of Wildfrost, so take the time to explore every corner of each area. Check walls, alcoves, treasure chests, and even the remains of fallen foes.

  1. Interact with the Environment:

Some hidden items can be activated by interacting with the environment. For instance, you may need to press a hidden button, activate a switch, or solve a puzzle to unlock a secret room containing an item.

  1. Utilize Special Items:

Certain special items in Wildfrost can assist you in your search for hidden treasures. For example, a treasure map can reveal the locations of hidden items in the current area, and a secret key can unlock hidden rooms containing items.

  1. Follow Clues and Seek Guidance:

Some NPCs in Wildfrost may provide you with clues about the whereabouts of hidden items. Listen carefully to what they say and note any information that could be helpful.

Uncover Hidden Treasures: Specific Locations in Wildfrost

Embark on a treasure hunt with these specific locations of hidden items in Wildfrost:

Darkwood Forest:

  • Treasure Map: Nestled within a treasure chest behind a waterfall.
  • Secret Key: Hidden among the remains of an enemy within a cave.
  • Magical Necklace: Enhances spell power, found atop the highest mountain peak.

Misty Marsh:

  • Enchanted Gauntlets: Boosts defense, discovered within an ancient tomb.
  • Legendary Sword: Inflicts devastating damage, hidden on a secret island.
  • Healing Potion: Restores health rapidly, found in an abandoned hut.

Ice Castle:

  • Ice King’s Crown: Enhances all attributes, located within the Ice King’s treasury.
  • Dragon Armor: Provides maximum defense, hidden within the dragon’s lair.
  • Powerful Deck: Enhances card effectiveness, found in the ancient library.

** Note: Due to the roguelike nature of the game, the locations of hidden items may vary with each playthrough of Wildfrost.

Wildfrost FAQs

Q: How much content can I expect in Wildfrost? Is it a difficult game?

A: Wildfrost delivers a well-curated amount of content compared to other popular roguelikes. While it may have fewer areas to explore, NPCs to encounter, and quests to undertake, the quality of its content ensures an engaging gameplay experience.

Q: What makes Wildfrost unique among roguelike games?

A: Wildfrost distinguishes itself as a captivating roguelike with a refreshing setting and narrative, a diverse deck-building system, and a visually striking art style. However, it presents a higher level of difficulty and a smaller amount of content. If you’re a roguelike enthusiast seeking a fresh and challenging experience, Wildfrost is worth checking out.

Q: Are there any other roguelike games similar to Wildfrost?

A: Discover other captivating roguelike card games like Hades, Slay the Spire, and Monster Train, which offer experiences comparable to Wildfrost.

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Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure in Wildfrost, a captivating roguelike RPG set in a harsh and unforgiving icy landscape. Master deep tactical gameplay, craft ingenious items, revel in breathtaking visuals, and lose yourself in the enchanting soundtrack. Uncover hidden secrets, overcome formidable foes, and etch your own legendary story in the annals of Wildfrost!

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