Goose Goose Duck
Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck mod apk is a very fun online version of the social deduction game Werewolf with cute graphics.

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Name Goose Goose Duck
Publisher Gaggle Studios Inc.
Genre Games
Size 400MB
Version 3.09.00
Update June 21, 2024
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Mod Version 3.09.00
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Goose Goose Duck is the most famous version in the Goose Goose Duck series of publisher Gaggle Studios, Inc.

Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction game similar to Werewolf or Among Us, where you have to find the imposter among a flock of innocent geese or become a mischievous duck to sabotage and assassinate.

About the game Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck info

Genre: strategy, casual, online game, werewolf game 

Graphics: 2D

Publisher: Gaggle Studios, Inc.

Platforms: Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Mac OS

Launch date: Apr 29, 2021

Game price: Free-to-play game


In Goose Goose Duck, you will choose one of two sides: Geese and Ducks. The objective of the game depends on which team you belong to, the good guys or the bad guys (the saboteurs).  

  • Geese will perform tasks on a spaceship or in various maps to complete missions and win. On the contrary, ducks will try to sabotage and eliminate the geese.  
  • Geese: Must complete their assigned tasks and identify the saboteurs (ducks) in their team before it’s too late. Geese will vote to eliminate the ducks during meetings.  
  • Ducks: Disguise themselves as geese. The ducks’ mission is to sabotage and eliminate geese without being detected. Ducks can hide and use special skills to mislead geese.

Highlight Features 

Game mode:

  • Classic Mode: Basic game mode. Goose completed the mission and found Duck. Duck sabotage and assassination.
  • Goosehunt: Quick play mode. A team of Ducks will confront and hunt a team of Geese for a limited time.
  • Detective Mode: This mode focuses on solving mysteries and finding saboteurs through gathering clues and decoding traces.
  • Draft Mode: Players choose the role they want through a selection process.
  • Hangout: No missions, just socializing and chatting.
  • Customize: Create your own room with custom game rules.


  • Goose: Many different roles such as Repairman, Sheriff, Doctor… each role has its own skills.
  • Duck: Roles such as Transforming Duck, Ninja Duck, Vampire Duck… with special abilities to assassinate and sabotage.
  • Neutral role: Has its own goals, not part of the Goose or Duck faction.
  • Imposter: A special type of duck role with enhanced destructive abilities.
  • Other roles: Like Engineer, Detective,… each role has unique skills and tasks.


  • SS Mothergoose: Spaceship with many different areas such as control room, cafeteria, research room,…
  • The Mallard Manor: An ancient mansion with many mysteries, with many secret rooms and hidden places.
  • Blackswan: Dark laboratory with strange experiments.
  • Nexus Colony: Space colony with many dangerous areas. Science area with many laboratories and complex corridors.
  • Ancient Sands: Ancient Egyptian pyramid with many traps. Desert area with ancient temples and mysterious rooms.


  • Short tasks: Simple tasks such as repairing systems, connecting wires, scanning cards, transferring documents, or cleaning areas.
  • Long tasks: More complex tasks such as starting machines, analyzing data, or decoding.
  • Sabotage Missions: Ducks can trigger sabotage missions such as turning off lights, breaking doors, jamming communications, disrupting systems, or creating emergency incidents to distract the geese.

Special skill

  • Stealth: Duck can be invisible to avoid detection when moving or performing actions.
  • Sabotage: The skill of disrupting systems, causing chaos so that geese cannot complete their tasks.
  • Vent (Hide): Ducks can move quickly through ventilation systems to avoid detection or reach different areas quickly.
  • Trap: Set traps to catch geese or prevent them from completing tasks.

Customize your character

  • Costumes: Players can customize their geese and ducks with a variety of costumes. Hundreds of costumes ranging from funny to scary,…
  • Accessories: Add accessories such as hats, glasses, backpacks and jewelry,…
  • Pets: Lovely companions.
  • Color: Customize the character’s color to create your own style.

Communication system

  • Voice Chat: Players can use voice chat to communicate and discuss in meetings.
  • Text Chat: Available for those who do not want or cannot use voice chat.
  • Quick Chat: Instant messages help communicate quickly without typing.

Reward system

  • Achievements: Players can achieve special achievements and receive rewards.
  • Leaderboard: Compete with other players to top the leaderboard in different game modes.
  • Daily Rewards: Log in every day to receive rewards and special items.

Beginner Guides – Tips and tricks for playing Goose Goose Duck

1. When you are a Goose

Understand your role:

  • Focus on completing tasks and observing the behavior of other players.
  • Pay attention to those who are not doing tasks or moving suspiciously.

Complete tasks quickly and efficiently:

  • Finish tasks as quickly as possible to prevent ducks from having time to sabotage.
  • Focus on main tasks before doing side tasks to minimize time and risk.

Observe and remember:

  • Pay attention to the behavior of others, remember who goes with whom, who does what where.
  • Notice how other players move. Someone standing still for too long or moving erratically could be a sign of a duck.
  • Remember who was with you in the area when sabotage or killings occurred.

Learn how to use the maps:

  • Know the paths: Learn how to move quickly and efficiently through different maps to avoid getting stuck or easily detected.
  • Know the location of tasks: Know how to stay away from dangerous areas.

Customize your character, but not too flashy:

  • Choose outfits and colors so that your character is not too flashy to avoid becoming an easy target.
  • Use accessories to make your character unique, but remember that being too flashy can also make you a target for ducks.

Other useful tips:

  • Travel in groups: Travel with other players to reduce the risk of being assassinated by Ducks and have more witnesses.
  • Use the camera system: Check the cameras to detect suspicious duck behavior.
  • Report and discuss: Actively participate in meetings, report suspicious behavior or provide specific evidence if you suspect someone is a duck.

2. When you are a Duck

Understand your role:

  • Find ways to sabotage without being detected. Use your special skills wisely and create opportunities to eliminate geese when no one is watching.
  • Pretend: Try to blend in with the Geese, perform fake tasks to avoid suspicion.
  • Use vents: Move quickly between areas using vents.
  • Sabotage: Turn off lights, break doors, disrupt communications to make it difficult for Geese.

Kill when you have the chance:

  • Choose the right time to kill Geese.
  • Choose a single target or attack when there are few people around to reduce the risk of being detected.

Create false evidence:

  • Blame others or create situations that make Geese suspect each other.
  • Try to create suspicion and give plausible reasons to eliminate geese.

Create clever sabotage opportunities:

  • Create sabotage situations in crowded places to increase the chance of hiding your actions.
  • Sabotage lighting systems or doors to prevent geese from completing tasks and create opportunities for you to eliminate geese.

Learn how to use the maps:

  • Know the paths: Learn how to move quickly and efficiently through different maps to avoid getting stuck or easily detected.
  • Know the location of tasks: This makes it easier for you to pretend to complete tasks.

***Important Notes:

  • Don’t reveal your role: Keep your role a secret to surprise and deceive the other person.
  • Don’t trust anyone completely: Always be wary and question everyone.
  • Don’t give up: Even if the situation seems unfavorable, try your best to find the impostor or complete the mission.

Download Goose Goose Duck mod apk for Android

Goose Goose Duck is a strategic deduction game that is both brain-teasing and highly entertaining. If you’re a fan of Werewolf or detective investigation games, don’t miss this game.

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