Stick War: Legacy
Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy

Stick War Legacy mod apk is a popular stick figure game, with the highest number of downloads on gaming platforms and is considered one of the most highly rated games of all time.

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4 ( 127 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Stick War: Legacy
Publisher Max Games Studios
Genre Games
Size 120MB
Version 2023.5.331
Update Jul 11, 2024
MOD Unlimited Gems
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Mod Version 2023.5.331
Total installs 100,000,000+
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Stick War: Legacy is the most famous version in the Stick War: Legacy series of publisher Max Games Studios

Stick War Legacy is a real-time strategy game set in a world of stick figures. You will lead your stick figure army to fight and conquer different lands.

About the Stick War Legacy game 

Stick War Legacy info

Genre: strategy, tower defense, casual, offline

Graphics: 2D

Publisher: Max Games Studios

Platforms: iOS, Android

Launch date: Jan 31, 2016

Game price: Free-to-play game

Story and setting

Stick War Legacy takes you to the land of Inamorta, a harsh land where stick figure nations are always fighting for power and resources. The weapons and fighting styles of each country are different.

  • Order: The player’s nation, representing balance and peace. They worship peace and knowledge, using swords and spears as their main weapons. They believe in using a combination of swords, magic, and technology to protect their nation.
  • Swordwrath: The nation that worships swordsmanship. Fanatical and violent warriors with superior swordsmanship skills.
  • Speartons: Disciplined soldiers who use long spears and shields.
  • Archidon: The nation of excellent archers. Skilled archers, they are known for their ability to attack from afar with deadly arrows.
  • Magikill: The nation of mages and wizards. Mysterious mages who use dark magic to summon monsters and destroy enemies.

You are the leader of Order, the only nation that does not worship weapons. However, you must protect your people from the invasion of other nations. To do this, you are forced to invade neighboring nations, unify Inamorta, and bring peace to the land. Other nations are not easily subdued, and the player must fight through many fierce battles to achieve this goal.


Stick War Legacy is a combination of the real-time tactical (RTS) and tower defense/defense genres. You will have to build bases, mine gold and mana to train soldiers, upgrade technology, and build defenses. In battle, you will control your army to attack the enemy base, while also defending your base from enemy attacks. 

Game modes

  • Missions: Complete missions to get rewards and unlock new features.
  • Campaign: Conquer different countries in Inamorta and discover an intriguing storyline. The main game mode with a deep storyline, players will go through various levels and challenges. Each level has its own unique missions and enemies. 
  • Survival mode (Endless deads): Defend your base from constant enemy attacks. This is a mode to test the player’s combat ability and resource management.
  • Tournament: Compete with other players worldwide for the top spot on the leaderboard. Winning these matches will bring rewards and reputation.

Beginner Guides – Tips and Tricks for playing Stick War Legacy effectively

Focus on mining gold

  • Gold is the most important resource in the game, used to recruit troops, upgrade technology, and build structures.
  • Build as many gold mines as possible and upgrade them regularly. Always ensure you have enough miners to collect gold.
  • Don’t forget to collect the gold that drops from defeated enemies.

Build a balanced army

  • Don’t focus on just one type of unit. Combine different types of units to create a strong and flexible formation. For example, use swordsmen to attack, archers for ranged support, and giants to absorb damage.
  • Prioritize ranged units: Units like archers (Archidon) can attack from a distance and deal damage without being attacked back. This helps you preserve your forces when facing initial enemies.
  • Summon mages: Mages (Magikill) can summon troops and use powerful spells to support your army. Utilize them to gain an advantage in large battles.

Use the right tactics

  • Depending on the situation, you need to have the right tactics. For example, when defending, build defensive structures and use units with high damage resistance. When attacking, focus on destroying the enemy’s defensive structures and protecting your main forces.
  • Keep a safe distance: To protect ranged units from direct strikes, put them behind melee units.
  • Use spells at the right time: Special skills such as summoning troops or spells can change the course of a battle. Use them at critical moments to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Attack and retreat: When facing strong enemies, use hit-and-run tactics to minimize losses and gradually weaken the enemy.
  • Utilize special skills: Each type of unit has its own special skills. Use these skills wisely to gain an advantage in battle. For example, the swordsman’s “Rage” skill increases damage for a short time.

Upgrade technology

  • Research and upgrade technology to strengthen your army and unlock new types of units.
  • Prioritize upgrading important technologies such as increasing health, increasing damage, and unlocking powerful units.
  • Prioritize basic upgrades: Start by upgrading basic units like swordsmen (Swordwrath) and archers (Archidon) to strengthen the initial power of your army.
  • Upgrade strategically: Based on your playstyle, choose the suitable upgrades. If you prefer defense, upgrade spearmen (Spearton); if you prefer offense, focus on swordsmen and mages.

Map control

  • Dominate strategic terrain: Make sure you control key points on the map, such as gold mines and good defensive points.
  • Observe the enemy: Monitor the enemy’s movements to adjust your tactics. If the enemy is focused on a specific type of unit, be prepared to deal with them.

Watch ads for rewards

  • Watching ads is a quick way to get gems and gold.
  • Use gems to buy useful items in the store.

Download Stick War Legacy mod apk free for Android

If you love tower defense games, don’t miss out on one of the most popular stick figure games, Stick War Legacy.

Unlimited Gems

Download (120MB)

All Versions

Construction Simulator 4
Construction Simulator 4 1.22.1075 MOD
July 13, 2024

What's Mod:

Full Game, Unlimited Money
Stick War: Legacy
Stick War: Legacy 2023.5.331 MOD
July 11, 2024 120MB

What's Mod:

Unlimited Gems

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