In the scary, black-and-white 2D game LIMBO apk, the line between life and death is as thin as smoke, and your character has to keep himself alive to find his lost sister.

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Update May 25, 2024
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LIMBO is the most famous version in the LIMBO series of publisher Playdead

The LIMBO game is a black and white 2D adventure puzzle game with a horror twist about a little boy’s journey to find his lost sister.

About the game LIMBO

LIMBO is a creepy puzzle game where you will guide a little boy through a dangerous and dark world in order to find his sister.

LIMBO’s info 

  • Genre: Adventure, puzzle, general
  • Graphics: 2D black and white
  • Game mode: single player, offline 
  • Publisher: Playdead
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, Linux
  • Launch date: Aug 3, 2011
  • Game price: Paid game

How to play LIMBO – Beginner’s Guide

LIMBO is a 2D side-scrolling game that focuses on puzzle-solving and environmental exploration. You will control the main character as he goes through a dark and strange world full of difficult obstacles and dangerous dangers.

The easy gameplay 

  • Movement: Move the boy left and right, jump, and duck.
  • Interaction: The little boy can interact with certain objects in the environment, such as levers, ropes, and movable crates, to progress through each level.
  • Puzzle-solving: The main task of LIMBO is solving environmental puzzles. These puzzles require you to pay close attention to their surroundings, try out different strategies, and be able to use the few interactions that are available. 
  • Hazards: The world of LIMBO is full of deadly traps and countless threats. Some common obstacles such as spikes, moving platforms, and hostile creatures. Controlling the boy through these obstacles requires careful calculation of timing as well as good reflexes.

Basic Controls

  • Move Left/Right: Use the left and right arrow keys or the analog stick on a game controller.
  • Jump: Press the ‘Up’ arrow key or the ‘A’ button on a game controller.
  • Action: Press the ‘Control’ key or the ‘B’ button on a game controller to push, pull, or interact with objects.

Game Walkthrough

You and your little boy start the journey in a dark forest. 

  • Move right to start the journey. 
  • The first obstacles are jumps. 
  • Practice your jumping skills to get used to the gameplay in the game.

Bear traps

  • From the beginning of the game, you will encounter bear traps. Jump over them to avoid getting caught. 
  • You have to use bear traps in some puzzles. For example, you might need to trigger a trap to make it safe to pass.

Rolling Boulder

  • There will be rocks rolling towards the little boy.
  • Run back and jump over them.

Ropes and ladders

  • Climb ropes and ladders by jumping and holding the action button to grab them.
  • Swing from ropes to reach distant platforms.

Water hazards

  • Your little boy doesn’t know how to swim. So if you see an area with water, be careful not to fall. Keep away from deep waters.
  • Use floating objects like crates to cross water.

Push and pull

  • Move objects like crates and logs to create platforms or block hazards.
  • Some puzzles require the boy to stack objects or use them to reach higher areas.

Tips for playing LIMBO 

Timing and Precision

  • Many puzzles require precise timing. Practice makes perfect. Fighting!!!
  • Observe moving parts and plan your actions accordingly.

Confront the enemy

  • Encountering giant spiders should be avoided. 
  • If you want to fight, use traps and other dangers from the environment to destroy them.

Dark Areas

  • Some areas of the game are very dark. 
  • Listen to audio cues and subtle visual hints.

Complex puzzles

  • As time goes on, the puzzles become more complex.
  • Break them down into small parts and solve them step by step.
  • Sometimes you need to go back to reconfigure previous elements to solve a puzzle.

Gravity control

  • Near the end of the journey, you will encounter gravity-based puzzles. 
  • Experiment with altered laws of physics to overcome these challenges.

Some tips for beginners

  • Explore carefully: LIMBO is full of traps and lurking dangers. Move slowly and pay attention to your surroundings constantly to avoid sudden deaths.
  • Trial and error: Death is a common event in Limbo. However, each death teaches you something about the environment or a puzzle. It’s important to learn from your mistakes and keep playing. Avoiding similar deaths is okay.
  • Realistic physics-based puzzles: Experiment with pushing, pulling and taking advantage of objects to solve puzzles.
  • Observe the environment: Subtle hints about how to solve puzzles are often cleverly integrated into the environment. Look for patterns, motions, or interactive objects.

Download LIMBO game apk for Android

Download and experience LIMBO, the side-scrolling game with a dark atmosphere that is minimalistic yet far from simple.

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