RFS - Real Flight Simulator
RFS - Real Flight Simulator

RFS - Real Flight Simulator

Soar through the skies and conquer the clouds with RFS - Real Flight Simulator, the ultimate mobile flight simulator that puts you in the pilot's seat!

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Name RFS - Real Flight Simulator
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Size 400MB
Version 2.2.9
Update 02/05/2024
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RFS - Real Flight Simulator is the most famous version in the RFS - Real Flight Simulator series of publisher RORTOS

RFS Real Flight Simulator is a realistic flight simulation game for mobile devices that lets you experience the thrill of flying an airplane with true-to-life detail. Take to the skies and explore the world with RFS – Real Flight Simulator!

RFS Real Flight Simulator: The most realistic flight simulator on mobile

RFS Real Flight Simulator is not just a game – it’s an adrenaline-pumping adventure that will transport you to the breathtaking heights of real-world aviation. With its stunning graphics, intuitive controls, and an extensive collection of aircraft, RFS – Real Flight Simulator is the perfect way to experience the thrill of flight, no matter where you are.

RFS – Real Flight Simulator: Experience the thrill of flying like a real pilot. RFS – Real Flight Simulator takes you to the skies with stunning 3D graphics, a diverse control system, and over 50 aircraft models from around the world. Explore hundreds of HD airports, fly freely, take on missions, or join friends in multiplayer mode. RFS offers you a truly authentic and exciting flight simulation experience.

  1. Stunning graphics:
  • RFS boasts impressive 3D graphics with detailed aircraft models, realistic airports, and dynamic weather effects.
  • You will be immersed in a captivating aviation world with stunning visuals.
  1. Diverse control system:
  • The game offers a variety of control options, from simple to complex, to suit all levels of players.
  • You can control the aircraft using a joystick, touchscreen, or connect a gamepad.
  1. Over 50 aircraft models:
  • RFS features over 50 diverse aircraft models, from popular civilian aircraft to modern fighter jets.
  • Each aircraft has its own unique handling and performance characteristics.
  1. Over 300 HD airports:
  • The game features over 300 HD airports worldwide with 3D buildings, vehicles, taxiways, and procedures.
  • You can experience landing and taking off at famous airports around the globe.
  1. Rich gameplay modes:

RFS offers a variety of gameplay modes, including:

  • Free Flight Mode: Allows you to fly freely and explore the world.
  • Mission Mode: Complete assigned flight missions.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Play with friends online.
  1. Realistic weather system:
  • RFS simulates real-world weather conditions such as clouds, rain, wind, and more.
  • You will need to adjust your aircraft controls to suit the weather conditions to ensure a safe flight.
  1. Immersive sound:
  • The game features realistic sound effects with aircraft engine sounds, wind sounds, ATC announcements, and more.
  • The authentic sounds will enhance your flight experience.

In addition, RFS also has many other features, such as:

  • Replay system to review your flights.
  • Leaderboard system to compete with other players.
  • Store to purchase additional aircraft, airports, and other items.

If you are passionate about aviation and want to experience the thrill of flying a real airplane, then RFS – Real Flight Simulator is the perfect choice for you.

Common Terms in RFS

  1. General Terms:
  • Aircraft: The primary mode of transportation in the game, simulating real aircraft from simple to complex.
  • Airport: The place where aircraft take off and land, including runways, terminals, air traffic control towers, and more.
  • Flight Path: The route traveled from the departure airport to the destination airport.
  • Flight Plan: A pre-programmed flight path, including altitude, speed, and direction.
  • Flight Controls: The system that controls the aircraft’s movement, including the joystick, rudder pedals, flaps, and more.
  • Navigation System: Assists the pilot in determining their location, heading, and adjusting their flight path.
  • Weather: Affects the aircraft’s ability to fly and be controlled, including clouds, rain, wind, and more.
  • ATC: Air Traffic Control, guides and coordinates air traffic.
  1. Aircraft Terms:
  • Aircraft Type: Classification of aircraft based on function, size, engine type, and more, such as commercial aircraft, military aircraft, helicopters, and more.
  • Aircraft Model: A detailed simulation of a real aircraft in the game.
  • Engine: The system that provides thrust for the aircraft, including jet engines, turbine engines, piston engines, and more.
  • Wing System: Comprises the main wings, ailerons, flaps, and more, generating lift for the aircraft.
  • Landing Gear System: Aids the aircraft’s movement on the ground, including wheels, brakes, and more.
  • Cockpit Equipment: Devices that assist the pilot in controlling and monitoring the aircraft’s status, including airspeed indicators, altimeters, compasses, and more.
  1. Flight Terms:
  • Takeoff: Moving the aircraft from the ground into the sky.
  • Landing: Moving the aircraft from the sky to the ground.
  • Level Flight: Flying in a fixed direction at a constant altitude.
  • Ascending: Increasing the aircraft’s altitude.
  • Descending: Decreasing the aircraft’s altitude.
  • Turning: Changing the aircraft’s direction of flight.
  • Autopilot: A system that automatically controls the aircraft according to a pre-programmed flight plan.
  • Multiplayer Mode: A game mode that allows multiple players to fly simultaneously in a virtual world.

Beginner’s Guide

  1. Getting Started:
  • Download and Install RFS: You can download RFS from the App Store, Google Play, or APKSTATION.
  • Select Language: After installation, choose the language you want to use in the game.
  • Select Airport: Choose the airport you want to start flying from.
  • Select Aircraft: Choose the aircraft you want to fly.
  • Adjust Settings: You can adjust settings such as difficulty, controls, sound, and more.
  1. Controlling the Aircraft:
  • Rudder: Control the rudder to adjust the aircraft’s direction of movement left or right.
  • Elevator: Control the elevator to adjust the aircraft’s altitude up or down.
  • Aileron: Control the ailerons to adjust the aircraft’s bank angle left or right.
  • Throttle: Control the throttle to adjust the aircraft’s speed.
  • Landing Gear: Lower or raise the landing gear.
  • Brakes: Brake the aircraft.
  • Flaps: Extend or retract the flaps.
  1. Taking Off:
  • Taxiing to the Runway: Use the rudder to adjust the aircraft’s direction of movement towards the runway.
  • Accelerating: Use the throttle to increase the aircraft’s speed.
  • Lifting the Nose Wheel: When the aircraft reaches takeoff speed, gently pull up on the elevator to lift the nose wheel off the ground.
  • Lifting the Main Landing Gear: Once the nose wheel is off the ground, continue pulling up on the elevator to lift the main landing gear off the ground.
  • Ascending: Once both landing gears are off the ground, continue pulling up on the elevator to ascend to the desired altitude.
  1. Flying:
  • Adjusting Altitude: Use the elevator to adjust the aircraft’s altitude.
  • Adjusting Heading: Use the rudder to adjust the aircraft’s heading.
  • Adjusting Speed: Use the throttle to adjust the aircraft’s speed.
  • Using Flaps: Extend flaps to increase lift and reduce speed during landing.
  1. Landing:
  • Approaching the Airport: Approach the airport from the direction of the wind.
  • Descending: Use the elevator to descend the aircraft.
  • Reducing Speed: Use the throttle to reduce the aircraft’s speed.
  • Lowering Landing Gear: Lower the landing gear to the ground.
  • Braking: Use the brakes to slow down the aircraft.
  • Stopping the Aircraft: Stop the aircraft at the desired location.

Tips and Tricks for RFS – Real Flight Simulator

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you improve your RFS – Real Flight Simulator skills:

  1. Start with Simple Aircraft:
  • When you’re first starting out, it’s recommended to choose simple aircraft to control, such as the Cessna 172. These aircraft are easier to handle and less affected by wind.
  • Once you’re comfortable with simple aircraft, you can progress to more complex ones like jets or helicopters.
  1. Practice Regularly:
  • To master RFS, consistent practice is key. Spend time flying short, straightforward flights before challenging yourself with longer and more intricate ones.
  • You can practice aircraft control skills, landing, takeoff, formation flying, and more.
  1. Familiarize Yourself with the Controls:
  • Thorough understanding of the controls is essential for effective flying. Learn the functions of all the buttons, levers, and pedals in the cockpit.
  • Practice using the controls individually and in combination to gain proficiency.
  1. Utilize the Flight Plan and Autopilot:
  • The flight plan feature provides a guided route for your flights, making navigation easier.
  • Leverage the autopilot function for stable and hands-free flying, especially during long or monotonous journeys.
  1. Adjust Settings to Your Preference:
  • RFS offers a variety of settings to customize your gaming experience according to your preferences.
  • Customize the game settings to suit your playing style and comfort level. Adjust camera views, control sensitivity, and other options for a personalized experience.
  • Adjust the difficulty level, controls, sound, graphics, and other options to create a personalized experience.
  1. Seek Guidance and Tutorials:
  • Take advantage of the in-game tutorials and guides provided by RFS. 
  • These resources offer valuable instructions and tips for beginners.
  1. Additional Tips:
  • Employ Flaps: Engage flaps to increase lift and reduce speed during landing.
  • Utilize Brakes: Apply brakes to slow down the aircraft when landing or taxiing on the ground.
  • Monitor Weather Conditions: Weather conditions can impact your aircraft’s controllability. Be mindful of wind, rain, fog, and other factors.
  • Leverage the Map: The map can aid in navigation and finding your way to desired destinations.
  • Exercise Caution During Landing: Landing is the most challenging maneuver in RFS. Approach with caution and execute precise actions to avoid collisions.
  • Embrace Patience: Don’t be discouraged if you struggle with aircraft control initially. Persistent practice will lead to gradual improvement and mastery.
  1. Experiment and Have Fun:
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different aircraft, challenges, and flying scenarios. RFS offers a diverse range of options to explore and enjoy.
  • Remember to have fun while learning and improving your skills. Flying in RFS should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a proficient RFS pilot and mastering the virtual skies.

Download RFS – Real Flight Simulator mod apk free for Android

Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or just a curious beginner, RFS Real Flight Simulator has something to offer everyone. Experience Realistic Flight with RFS – Real Flight Simulator! Choose from over 50 diverse aircraft models, ranging from the simple Cessna 172 to the colossal Boeing 747. 

Soar freely to explore the world, undertake challenging missions, or join up with friends for exhilarating multiplayer flights. Featuring stunning 3D graphics, immersive sound effects, and a responsive control system, RFS delivers a true-to-life flight experience right on your mobile device. So what are you waiting for? Download RFS today and start your flight journey!



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