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Zombies Boom

Zombies Boom

Zombies Boom mod - Experience the unique tower defense game combined with a first-person shooter, where you build bases, destroy zombies and become a hero!

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Name Zombies Boom
Publisher MG.OL
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Size 300MB
Version 1.32
Update May 11, 2024
MOD Unlimited Money and Gems
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Mod Version 1.32
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Zombies Boom is the most famous version in the Zombies Boom series of publisher MG.OL

Zombies Boom is a mobile survival game set in an apocalyptic world where players face the threat of hordes of ferocious zombies.

Zombies Boom! – Defend your base, destroy zombies and become a hero!

Zombies Boom! is a tower defense game combined with first-person shooter elements. In the game, players will face continuous waves of zombie attacks and use various weapons, items, and build defensive structures to protect their base.

Outstanding features of the game


  • Tactical Tower Defense: Players need to build and upgrade defensive structures such as gun turrets, traps, barricades… to prevent the advance of zombies. The placement of structures and upgrade strategy play an important role in protecting the base.
  • First-person shooter: Players not only build defenses but also directly participate in combat, using weapons to destroy zombies. This creates a unique combination of two game genres, bringing a new experience.

Character system:

  • Diverse characters: The game offers a variety of characters with unique skills and weapons. Players can choose the character that suits their playstyle and upgrade to increase their power.
  • Special skills: Each character possesses a unique special skill, which can be a powerful attack ability, heal teammates, set traps… Using skills at the right time will help players overcome difficult challenges.

Game Modes:

  • Story Mode: Players will follow the story of the fight against zombies, overcoming levels with increasing difficulty.
  • Survival Mode: Players must try to survive as long as possible against continuous waves of zombie attacks.
  • Challenge Mode: Special levels with unique requirements and rewards, testing players’ tactical and skill abilities.
  • PvP Mode: Players can compete against other players, showcasing their combat and tactical skills.

Weapons and Equipment:

  • Diverse weapons: The game offers a variety of weapons such as rifles, pistols, grenade launchers, mines… Players can choose the right weapon for each situation and upgrade to increase power.
  • Support equipment: In addition to weapons, players can also use support equipment such as armor, helmets, health packs… to increase their survivability in battle.

Graphics and Sound:

  • Beautiful 3D graphics: Zombie images are designed in detail, explosion effects and the surrounding environment are vividly displayed.
  • Vivid sound: The sound of gunfire, the roar of zombies, and the dramatic background music contribute to creating a tense and engaging atmosphere for the game.

Social Features:

  • Make friends and form teams: Players can make friends with other players, form teams to overcome difficult challenges together.
  • Leaderboard: Compete with friends and other players around the world through the leaderboard.

Comparison between Zombies Boom and Plants vs. Zombies


  • Zombies Boom: Combines tower defense and first-person shooter.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Pure tower defense.


  • Zombies Boom: Various characters with unique skills and weapons, upgradable.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Different types of plants with different functions, upgradable with Plant Food.


  • Zombies Boom: Diverse zombies in terms of types and strengths.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Diverse zombies with unique characteristics (regular zombies, special zombies, zombie bosses).


  • Zombies Boom: Beautiful 3D graphics, vivid explosion effects, and lively sound.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Fun 2D cartoon graphics.

Game Modes

  • Zombies Boom: Story mode, survival mode, challenge mode, PvP.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Adventure mode, mini-games, Zen Garden, Vasebreaker (PvZ2).


  • Zombies Boom: Mobile.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: PC, console, mobile.


  • Zombies Boom focuses on fast-paced action gameplay, a combination of tower defense and shooting, impressive 3D graphics, and strong social features.
  • Plants vs. Zombies emphasizes tactical gameplay, a variety of plants and zombies, and cute 2D cartoon graphics.

Which one is right for you:

  • If you love the combination of action and strategy, beautiful 3D graphics, and rich social features, Zombies Boom! would be a great choice.
  • If you prefer pure tower defense gameplay, fun cartoon graphics, and want to experience it on multiple platforms, Plants vs. Zombies would be more suitable.

Guide for New Players

Getting Started:

  • Download and install: Search for “Zombies Boom” on the app stores and download.
  • Create an account: You can log in with your Google or Facebook account to save your game progress.
  • Get familiar with the tutorial: The game will have a basic tutorial to help you get acquainted with the controls, building, and combat.

Building your base:

  • Place defensive structures: Use resources to build defensive structures such as gun turrets, traps, barricades… in strategic locations to stop zombies.
  • Upgrade structures: Upgrade structures to increase their power and unlock new features.
  • Arrange reasonably: Arrange defensive structures in a reasonable way to create a solid defense system.

Fighting zombies:

  • Control your character: Use the control buttons to move, aim, and use your character’s special skills.
  • Use weapons: Choose the right weapon for each type of zombie and combat situation.
  • Combine skills: Use your character’s special skills at the right time to gain an advantage in battle.

Upgrade and Development:

  • Upgrade characters: Collect experience and resources to upgrade characters, increase their power and unlock new skills.
  • Unlock new characters: Complete missions and challenges to unlock additional new characters.
  • Participate in events: Join in-game events to receive valuable rewards.

Some Tips:

  • Complete missions: Complete missions to receive rewards and unlock new content.
  • Prioritize upgrades: Focus on upgrading important defensive structures and your main character.
  • Use tactics: Depending on the type of zombie and the terrain of the level, choose the appropriate defense and attack tactics.
  • Manage resources: Use resources wisely to build and upgrade.
  • Team up with other players: Form a team with friends or other players to overcome difficult challenges.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Zombies Boom Effectively

Defensive Tactics:

  • Prioritize Placement: Build defensive structures in strategic locations where zombies frequently appear or can cause the most damage to your base.
  • Diverse Combinations: Don’t just use one type of defensive structure, combine different types such as gun turrets, traps, barricades… to create a multi-layered, more effective defense system.
  • Upgrade Wisely: Focus on upgrading important defensive structures first, then upgrade other structures later.

Offensive Tactics:

  • Choose the Right Weapon: Use the appropriate weapon for each type of zombie. For example, shotguns are effective against zombies at close range, while rifles are suitable for killing zombies from afar.
  • Utilize Skills: Use your character’s special skills at the right time to gain an advantage in battle. For example, healing skills can help you survive longer, while trap skills can deal massive damage to multiple zombies at once.
  • Focus Firepower: When encountering large waves of zombie attacks, focus your firepower on the strongest zombies or those with the greatest potential to cause damage.

Other Tips:

  • Complete missions: Daily missions and event missions are important sources of resources and rewards, helping you upgrade quickly.
  • Participate in events: In-game events often bring attractive rewards, don’t miss the opportunity to participate.
  • Use gift codes Zombies Boom: Gift Codes are often released by the publisher on their media channels, so follow them to receive valuable gifts.
  • Make friends and form teams: Playing with friends or other players will help you overcome more difficult challenges and receive more rewards.

Download Zombies Boom mod apk free for Android 

Tired of Plants vs. Zombies? It’s time to switch to Zombies Boom for a more thrilling and exciting experience! If you’re a fan of Plants vs. Zombies, Zombies Boom is a game you definitely can’t miss! It’s still the familiar fight against zombies, but now you can directly enter the battlefield, combining tower defense with a first-person shooter for an awesome experience!

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Zombies Boom
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