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Loop Hero

Loop Hero

Enter the endless looping world of Loop Hero, a unique roguelike RPG where you build a mystical deck to fight, explore, and break this devastating cycle.

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Name Loop Hero
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Version 0.9.47
Update 03/05/2024
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Loop Hero is the most famous version in the Loop Hero series of publisher Playdigious

Loop Hero is a unique roguelike RPG that takes you on a journey to battle monsters, build the world with cards, and break the endless time loop. Use smart strategies, uncover mysteries, and become the hero who saves the world from the evil Lich!

Loop Hero – Escape the Time Loop, Defeat the Evil Lich

What is Loop Hero?

Loop Hero is a roguelike tactical RPG developed by Russian studio Four Quarters and published by Devolver Digital on April 23, 2021. The game was released on mobile for iOS and Android in late April 2024. Loop Hero has attracted the attention of the gaming community with its unique gameplay that combines traditional roguelike elements with innovative card manipulation mechanics.

The game has been carefully designed for mobile with an improved user interface, cloud save support, and controller compatibility.


  • Loop Hero takes players to a world threatened by Lich, a powerful enemy who has destroyed everything and plunged the world into an endless time loop.
  • Your mission is to become a brave hero and use your magic deck to restore the world.

The Hero

  • This is the main character of the game, controlled by the player. 
  • The Hero moves along the time loop, fighting enemies, collecting resources, and building structures. 
  • There are different character classes to choose from, each with its own unique skills and abilities.


  • The unique feature of Loop Hero is that players do not directly control the character’s movement, but instead use cards to create the world around them.
  • Each card represents a different element in the world such as enemies, obstacles, buildings, etc.
  • Arranging the cards logically will create challenges for the character as they move along the loop, while also giving them the opportunity to fight, collect resources, and upgrade their powers.

Key Features

  • Unique roguelike gameplay combined with innovative card manipulation mechanics.
  • Randomly generated world provides a fresh experience each time you play.
  • Tactical combat system requires calculation and logical thinking.
  • Beautiful pixel art graphics and impressive music.

Loop Hero Game Tips and Tricks

  1. Understand the different types of cards:
  • World Cards: Create terrain features such as roads, forests, rivers, graveyards, etc. Each type of terrain has different effects and influences on the hero and enemies.
  • Enemy Cards: Summon enemies for the hero to fight. Each type of enemy has different strengths, hit points, and attack abilities.
  • Structure Cards: Build structures on the Loop to provide resources, upgrade the hero, or create special effects.
  • Treasure Cards: Give you resources, cards, or other special effects when the hero passes by.
  1. Strategically arrange your cards:
  • Create efficient loops: Arrange world cards to create efficient loops that give your hero an advantage in combat and allow them to collect more resources.
  • Combine cards: Some cards can be combined to create more powerful effects. For example, placing a “Forest” card next to a “Campfire” card will create a “Burning Forest” that damages enemies as they pass through it.
  • Use cards flexibly: Be flexible in your use of cards depending on the situation. For example, if you’re struggling with a strong enemy, use cards to create obstacles or traps to hinder them.
  1. Upgrade your hero:
  • Use resources to upgrade your hero’s attributes: Strength, health, movement speed, etc.
  • Unlock new skills: Each hero has a unique set of skills. Level up your hero to unlock new skills and increase their power.
  • Equip your hero with items: Some items can give your hero special attributes or abilities.
  1. Resource Management:
  • Collect resources efficiently: Use cards and hero abilities to collect resources as efficiently as possible.
  • Use resources wisely: Carefully decide how to use your resources to upgrade your hero, build structures, or buy cards.
  1. Death is Part of the Learning Process:
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment: Loop Hero is a roguelike game, so you will die many times. Treat each death as an opportunity to learn and improve your strategy.
  • Try different strategies: There are many different ways to play Loop Hero. Experiment with different strategies to find what works best for you.
  1. Additional Tips:
  • Use “Time” cards to manipulate time: “Time” cards allow you to rewind time or fast forward time. Use this wisely to gain an advantage.
  • Pay attention to special events: Some special events may occur during the game, giving you unique challenges or rewards.
  • Unlock new character classes: Each character class has a different playstyle and abilities. Experiment with different character classes to find the one that suits you best.
  • Conquer different game modes: Loop Hero has different game modes to challenge yourself with.
  • Pay attention to the weather: The weather can affect the battlefield in different ways. Use this to your advantage to position your cards strategically.
  • Use your hero’s items: Some items can give your hero special attributes or abilities. Use them wisely to gain an advantage.

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Escape the Endless Time Loop, Save the World! Loop Hero is a unique roguelike RPG where you use cards to create the world, fight enemies, and build structures. Discover the mystery, fight the Lich, and save the world!



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Loop Hero
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